Johnsons International News Italia

Johnsons International News Italia, is a leader in the export of Italian newspapers and magazines. Founded in 1994, boasts a customer base that includes 500 titles exported through 70 international distributors in over 50 countries.

In addition to traditional export services we offer to small and medium-sized publishers a valuable support in the study, development and distribution of their magazines in local languages in Germany, France, Spain, UK and USA.

It is also possible for our customers to further increase the visibility of their titles through the distribution in hotels in major world capitals.

The import area of Johnsons International, through the circulation structure of MONDADORI Group Company PRESS-DI, ensures the best distribution throughout Italy.

Furthermore, in partnership with CENTRO STAMPA QUOTIDIANI Johnsons offers to foreign newspaper Publishers both digital printing for small draws, as well as off-set for larger quantities.

Moreover Johnsons also publishes the magazine of home objects, leader in Italy, DM Design Magazine.

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